Dr. Mir-Mohammad Seyedbagheri


Dr. Mir is a professor emeritus at the University of Idaho, specialized in soil science and agronomy, as well as biometeorology. He achieved academic recognition on the Dean’s and National Dean’s Lists when he was in graduate school, and as a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

Mir was raised on a farm. He has 36 years of applied research experience in conventional and sustainable ag farming, with an emphasis on soil health, plant, and water relationships. He has reviewed over 30,000 soil, plant tissue, and water analyses for organic and conventional farmers, the ag industry, and various international organic farm projects.

 Mir has implemented countless ag-related projects nationally/internationally on salt remediation and crop production. He was a pioneer in humic substances research in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. His research has been disseminated throughout the state, as well as nationally, and internationally. He was also invited to present on sustainable ag and organic farming at numerous national and international conferences.

 Mir has gained national and international recognition for his creative and innovative applied research on the effects of humic substances (functional carbon) on soil and plant metabolisms. He has given over 320 talks and had many abstracts, book chapters, and articles published worldwide on soil health. Mir was also the co-chair of the International Humic Substances Society, Committee on Applied Research in Soil, Nutrient Management, and Crop Production.

 Mir has also been the recipient of 34 scholarly and prestigious state, regional, national, and international awards, including two Excellence in Research awards from the governor of Idaho, the Excellence in Outreach and Diversity awards from the University of Idaho, and the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) Hall of Fame Award.

Mir has long-standing memberships in 6 prestigious national and international scholarly and scientific societies and he also directs 3 departments.

Growers rely on Mir to provide unbiased, research-based updates to ensure their profitability. Mir conducts farm and ranch cooperative demonstration field trials in: soil fertility, irrigation management, plant disease control, and integrated pest management. He further conducts multi-faceted research and extension projects in: rangeland fire restoration, biological control of invasive species and noxious weeds, planter and tilling equipment performance, and humic and fertilizer use efficiency. His successful collaborations with government agencies and private industry has garnered significant resources and funding for these studies. Mir published and presented his results through refereed journals, peer reviewed Extension publications, and at local and international meetings, conferences, workshops and field days. Mir twice received the Idaho Governor's Award for Environmental Stewardship and Excellence in Agriculture! He also was honored with the ESP Early and Mid-Career Awards, the University of Idaho's (UI) Excellence in Outreach Award, the UI Diversity Award, and the Mountain Home Air Force Base's Citizen of the Year Award. Mir provides leadership to over 500 youth in his 4-H Youth Development Program and 4-H Operation Military Kids Program. For the past 10 years he has conducted a county fair 4-H Tractor Driving Safety Contest to reduce loss of life and serious injury to farm and ranch youth.

Association involvement: Mir has been active in NACAA and IACAA since 1985. He served as IACAA Junior Director (1985-86); IACAA Senior Director (1987-88) and IACAA President (1993). He chaired the Program Development Committee (1987-88); chaired the NACAA Future Visioning Committee (1992-93); served on the Committee for Extension Marketing (1993); and chaired the IACAA Award Committee (1994-2016). Over the last 30 plus years, Mir has attended nearly all IACAA annual meetings and summer tours, and conferences. He organized and hosted the 2002 IACAA summer meeting and tour. He completed the NACAA Western Leadership Workshop (Boise, ID 1994), the NACAA Public Issues/Leadership Development Training (Burlington, VT 1997), and attended NACAA AM/PIC Meetings throughout his career. Mir received the NACAA Achievement Award for Idaho (1988) and NACAA Distinguished Service Award for Idaho (1996).

Humanitarian activities and leadership: In addition to serving as the Elmore County Extension Office administrative chair for his entire career, Mir also serves as director for the county's Noxious Weed Control Department, the Pest Control Department, and the Mosquito Abatement Program. Mir has served in over 25 community organizations including: the Youth Gang Prevention Task Force, the Elmore County Hot Line for Suicide Prevention, and the Mountain Home Air Force Base's Restoration Committee and Appreciation Day Board. He's been a member on Elmore County's Revitalization, Recycling, Disaster Response, and Community Pride and Awareness committees. Mir currently chairs the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce Agribusiness Committee and is an active member of the Mountain Home Rotary and Lions Clubs, and the Glenns Ferry Chamber of Commerce.